Reed Maker, Greg, Welcomes You

Professional reed maker, Greg, originally from Michigan, now resides in Kokomo, IN.  He was a member of the Guelph Pipe Band, North American Champions in Grade One at Maxville, under the direction of Pipe Major Ed Neigh.  Among his many accomplishments, he was the Amateur Grade I Champion Supreme in Ontario, then began his professional career at the age of 16 and won the Piobaireachd at the Canadian Championships in 1994.  In 1997, he won the prestigious Piobaireachd Society (Canada) Gold Medal.

In recent years he has won the Stone Mountain Invitational Competition in Atlanta, and has won the Piobaireachd 5 times at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Over the years he has studied with such piping greats as P/M Frank Edgely, P/M Ed Neigh, Mr. John Goodnow, Captain John MacLellan, and  the late Mr. Willie Connell. 

Greg is a piping judge for the MWPBA and judges at many games in the Midwest and Eastern United States. In the summer he is an instructor at the North American Academy of Piping and Drumming, which is directed by P/M Sandy Jones. He has done many piping seminars through out the U.S. and is available for piping workshops and weekend seminars. By profession, Greg is a high school teacher and teaches both German and History.

Greg has the experience and skill to help you realize your amateur and professional piping dreams. He has spent years honing his reeds for deep full sound. Test his reeds out and decide for yourself. Thank you for visiting and please check out our selection of fine handmade reeds. While you are here you might also check out Greg’s piping videos. We hope you enjoy your time here and that you choose us for all of your piping needs.